AEM Forms

Making digital marketing efficient

Due to the increasing use of mobile devices, the expansion of the LiveCycle platform with additional formats was urgently required. Therefore, Adobe LiveCycle was integrated into the Web Content Management System Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and developed further. Under the name AEM Forms, the platform now also offers HTML formats and also includes the complete performance spectrum of all LiveCycle individual modules. AEM Forms is therefore a complete platform for simplifying the acquisition, management and processing of data in forms and documents based on different formats, in order to make internal and external processes much more efficient and customer-oriented and to optimize the flow of data. The following functions are included in the service package:

Everything in one management content system

Adaptive Forms allows the creation of terminal optimized, responsive HTML forms


Forms Portal offers the possibility to centrally store, manage, version, tag, search, publish, and deactivate forms centrally.


Forms (Pro) is used to manage and create forms from a form template that can be used across the board (HTML or PDF format).


Reader Extensions provide advanced features for forms, such as prefilling text fields or inserting a signature field.


PDF Generator / Output allows the conversion of various data types in PDF or PDF / A formats, as well as, the control of the document output.


Correspondence management is used to create individual customer correspondence from shared text modules, predefined content, and free text fields


Process Management enables the optimization of document-based workflows


Digital Signatures is used to validate and apply signatures


ECM Connectors connects to programs, such as Sharepoint and Content Manager


Assembler allows you to merge different documents (for example, forms + terms and conditions)