Individual marketing solutions

Adobe Marketing Cloud

The Adobe Marketing Cloud includes a complete set of solutions for your web experience management, web analysis, target group management, web content customization, cross-channel management of marketing campaigns and social media. It consists of the following solutions:


Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager is a comprehensive web content management solution for centrally creating, managing, and optimizing all marketing channels and campaigns. Link your responsive websites to apps, e-commerce, social features, blogs, and forms. Dynamic media, video and customer configurators provide more interactivity. Apps can also be developed and administered by the customer. Digital editing and management of forms simplifies internal processes and integration into communities strengthens their own brand.


With Campaign, you can manage cross-channel marketing campaigns and retain control over content, channels, planning, budget, and resources. Identify the interests, demographic data and preferred channels of your customers and create customer profiles. You can also have the advantage of using templates for your e-mail marketing to make them effective and personalized. Real-time interaction and effective reporting support you in your campaign planning.


Analytics provides advanced analytics for data-driven marketing. Gain a holistic view of your customers by linking data from ads, social media, paid search, email, offline channels, GPS positions, and third-party data. You can respond immediately to different marketing channels via algorithms and retroactive event processing and develop new marketing strategies.


Improve your targeting through dynamic testing, capture real-time performance data, and create optimized target groups. Realize automated behavioural targeting through unique customer profiles, based on clicks and ratings and a self-learning algorithm. Create automatic recommendations for search-based merchandising, as well as, cross selling and animate your target groups for interaction.

Audience Manager

With the Audience Manager, the data from a wide range of sources can be bundled into a seamless 360° target group profile for you. This allows you to focus your campaigns on the right customer group across the entire range of devices.

Media Optimizer

You can keep track of your search, display, social media, and mobile campaigns. Take advantage of the accuracy report to get the most out of your advertising budget and focus your ads on your selected target groups.


With Social, you can evaluate the success of your marketing strategies in real-time and react directly to it. This allows you to win more customers and to tie them to your brand even better.


Convince your customers with high-quality TV and film content at any time and on any device! Take advantage of seamless ad placement. You can protect your copyrights and broadcasting rights across all devices and platforms.

Core Services

An additional offer of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, regardless of the number of solutions used. With the core services, the marketing cloud solutions can be linked together.

Adobe Marketing Cloud Core Services

People (Profiles and Audiences)

Link all collected customer data from Adobe and other vendors to a comprehensive customer profile (Marketing Cloud Profile) and create real-time audiences.


(Dynamic Tag Manager) Capture the right data for Adobe and other vendors quickly and easily with intuitive tools and react in real-time.


Save, manage and publish all your assets (images, videos, meta data, etc.) centrally for all marketing cloud solutions in one place.


Evaluate your users' use of apps and manage all apps centrally through a control centre.


Track your campaigns, assets and communications around your marketing projects in real-time.


We can offer you more than 200 applications and integrations with third parties for easy and simple research for additional information.

AEM Forms



Due to the increasing use of mobile devices, the Adobe LiveCycle platform has been integrated into the Web Content Management System AEM and developed further. Under the name of AEM Forms, the platform now also offers HTML as an input format (adaptive forms), a forms portal and also includes the complete performance spectrum for all LiveCycle individual modules.


Adobe LiveCycle



Between 2002 and 2014, Adobe LiveCycle has been the most comprehensive platform for simplifying the capture, management and processing of data in forms and documents based on the PDF format. Due to the required support of mobile devices, mobile documents and forms, the Adobe LiveCycle technoloy has been migrated to Adobe Experience Manager - the worlds leading content management solution.