Case Study

Success across all channels

Leading insurance company unifies customer experiences across devices with Adobe Experience Manager.

“With Adobe Experience Manager we can publish new content and campaigns faster, while also delivering the required quality.”

Christian Deinlein, Head of InternetSystems, HUK-COBURG

Unified platform for digital insurer

With more than 11 million customers, the HUK-COBURG insurance group is Germany’s largest insurer for private households. The company includes five property/casualty insurers, two life and health insurers, as well as a service company. The insurance group’s parent company HUK-COBURG, has been in operation since 1933 and bases its insurance business on the principles of reciprocity. In 2000, HUK24 was founded as a pure online subsidiary which currently serves more than 1.5 million customers. In 2014, the insurance group gained over 400,000 new customers, increasing its holdings to 34.6 million insurance contracts. “For us, digital marketing is of enormous importance,” says Christian Deinlein, Head of Internet Systems at HUK-COBURG. The goal is to offer as many services as possible on a single platform—from the various corporate websites to cross-device, digital application processes, and the corporate blog. For the company, Adobe Experience Manager forms provides the technical foundation for applications and forms-based processes. With technology experts from eggs unimedia in Munich, HUK-COBURG has been working with an experienced Adobe partner with insurance expertise that has supported HUK-COBURG for many years.

Persuasive customer experience with responsive websites

In the coming years, HUK-COBURG wants to further reduce the number of different digital marketing platforms to address overarching requirements—such as delivering content to different devices. The corporate blog has already moved from the previous WordPress system to Adobe Experience Manager. Approximately 100 writers at HUK-COBURG create content for the insurance companies for distribution across several channels. With Adobe Experience Manager sites, they have a uniform user interface to create content, and no longer rely on different user interfaces for each channel. The two websites have already been developed based on responsive web design principles. In these instances, the content grids adapt to the available space until a breakpoint is reached and then the content is displayed in a new grid. “One example is the contact box that looms large on all devices,” explains Deinlein. On larger displays it is prominently displayed on the right side of the screen and highlighted in the yellow HUK color scheme. For screens with smaller dimensions, the contact information goes right under the logo but is still immediately apparent. Using Adobe Experience Manager forms, which delivers HTML forms that adapt to mobile device screen sizes, integrated digital application processes have been realized. The data in the adaptive forms can be converted directly to a document in PDF. Due to the existing return path to the PDF document, HTML forms can produce documents at any time for printing, signature, or archiving. Through the integration with Adobe Analytics it is possible to determine where forms processes broke down. It is also possible to track when the help function on forms is activated or how long someone took to fill out the form. The ability to publish new web content and campaigns quickly was key for HUK-COBURG in the selection of a digital marketing solution. At the same time, the quality requirements had to be met and the approval processes had to be transparent. Therefore, complex approval workflows were defined in Experience Manager, which are triggered when a new page or campaign landing page is published. This substantially reduces the time to market for new pages, enabling insurers to rapidly respond to new market requirements. “With Adobe Experience Manager we can publish new content and campaigns faster, while also delivering the required quality,” says Deinlein. “Adobe Experience Manager is more than just a web content management system. It is a comprehensive platform to manage, personalize, optimize, and deliver content across channels.”


  • Transform services using online presence as major point of contact for insurance clients
  • Eliminate proliferation of microsites, thematic portals, and blog systems
  • Optimize content delivery to engage users on different mobile devices
  • Improve processing of digital applications with seamless transfer of data to and from backend systems

Solutions at a glance

Adobe Marketing Cloud with

  • Adobe Experience Manager Sites
  • Adobe Experience Manager Assets
  • Adobe Experience Manager Communities
  • Adobe Experience Manager Forms


  • faster TIME TO MARKET for new campaigns
  • ONE PLATFORM eliminates costs of managing different platforms for website, mobile applications, and blogs
  • RESPONSIVE DESIGN REDUCES COSTS with reusable components
  • CONTINUOUS PROCESSES speed development with adaptive HTML forms, increase convenience, and minimize errors
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