Investitionsbank Berlin

Corona Emergency Aid by IBB

The IBB is the business development bank of the Federal State of Berlin. The owner of the bank is the federal state of Berlin with its 3.7 million inhabitants. It supports small and medium-sized enterprises, startups and entrepreneurs with its funding offers and also offers special programs for real estate financing.

COVID-19 impact on Berlin: IBB made a big difference for hundreds of thousands of people. This video explains the reasons.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown decided by the German government, hundreds of thousands of Berliners' livelihoods were suddenly threatened in March 2020. At the end of March 2020, many of those affected did not know how to pay their rents in the coming months.

The federal government set up a Corona emergency aid program. For the state of Berlin, IBB was commissioned to take over the application process and pay out the aid money to hundreds and thousands of eligible people. Many of the people directly affected were saved from private insolvency by the Corona emergency aid.

IBB Case Study

Case Study on our initial AEM Forms project

The digitization of customer processes was a board room topic at IBB. As forms are one of the most important interfaces between customers and their banks, the user experience was greatly improved with the introduction of AEM Forms. This included paperless and seamless application processes for business development and real estate financing.

Case Study