AEM Forms Fast Start Solution

Boost your forms processes to a next level

Forms are located at the most important interface of your company: At the interface to your customers



Whether via web, mobile or offline: Customers are often only a mouse click away from you - and still don't convert via the form. Or they have been waiting for days for a written response from you - and it doesn't come. Or it comes too late.

Many companies still see forms and form processes as a necessary evil. But this is fundamentally wrong.

Adobe offers the world's leading solution for streamlining forms processes: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms. With the AEM Forms Fast Start Solution eggs unimedia offers a standardized approach and the necessary building blocks to quickly take your form processes to a new level.

This way you can

  • acquire new clients
  • accelerate processing time
  • improve the quality of data
  • increase your competitiveness
  • eliminate manual steps

The Fast Start Solution can best be described using the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach. The goal is to provide a customer within a limited implementation project with a usable solution based on AEM Forms, which offers a solution to a problem and added value for the customer.

The Fast Start Solution can therefore

  • serve as a decision model for further expansion stages
  • include the scope of an initial project
  • serve to build up experience with the solution
  • Be the hub of all stakeholders for further developments & ideas


eggs unimedia's Fast Start Solution has been verified by Adobe as a solution that solves a strategic problem in all industries where forms processes play a critical role.

eggs unimedia's Fast Start Solution has been verified by Adobe as a solution that solves a strategic problem in all industries where forms processes play a critical role.


Adobe verified partner solutions offer the best of both worlds:

The strategy, industry expertise, and technical know-how of an Adobe partner paired with market-leading technologies from Adobe. Both combined to solve a specific customer problem.

The Adobe Experience Manager Forms Fast Start Solution has been an Adobe verified partner solution since November 25, 2020.


What's behind it and where is the added value for the customer?
Adobe performs a technical assessment of the solution as well as market validation as part of the verification process. This means that Adobe verified solutions must have proven their added value to a large number of customers.

The primary considerations for an Adobe verified solution are:

  • The reusability of the solution
  • A standardized approach to implementation
  • A streamlined implementation phase
  • Fast time-to-value for the customer

In which areas can we help you?


in the Financial Services Industry

Onboarding Processes

in the Financial Services Industry

Status Quo / Challenges
Consumer behaviour is becoming increasingly digital. For many financial service providers, this is causing them to rethink their business strategy and change their digital service offerings. This is because processes at the FSI are often not yet mobile, have high abandon rates, long processing times, many manual steps and contain a large potential for errors. A must at the FSI: Meeting complex requirements through regulations, BaFin, and compliance.

Goals & results with AEM Forms based boarding processes

Grow your customer base, lower entry barriers, improve Time 2 Market times for new applications, win a single point of truth, accelerate application times, improve customer experience and data quality, reduce processing costs.

As part of the Starter Package, customers receive an initial forms and component toolkit, with which they can create and publish new forms in a drag and drop interface.


Empower your mobile workforce with AEM Forms

Field-Service Management

Empower your mobile workforce with AEM Forms

Status Quo / Challenges
Service technicians on site often still work with a lot of paper, for example for documentation, service and installation reports, activity reports and much more. Signatures to confirm the services provided by the customer are often on paper. Digital data is often captured by the office staff days or weeks later- with all the known disadvantages (time, costs, potential errors due to double entry, etc.).

Goals & results with AEM Forms Field Service Management
The solution supports mobile workers (service technicians, technical field service, etc.) in carrying out their work at the customer's site, for example, to maintain systems and solve service requests or problems.

Service technicians have all forms with them within an app - even in office conditions.  The AEM Forms app can integrate with third-party systems such as CRM systems, workflows can be triggered, tasks can be assigned, print versioins of the forms can be generated and digital signatures can be integrated.

The advantages are obvious: With this solution paper can be replaced, processing times and error-proneness reduced. This saves costs and increases customer satisfaction.


Digitalization of HR processes

Employee Self-Service

Digitalization of HR processes

Status Quo / Challenges
Workflows in HR are complex and often still manual. Be it complex onboarding processes for new employees or requests of all kinds, for example for home office, the execution of a secondary job, business trips, issuing of an interim certificate, etc.

In HR there are often up to 1,000 document templates - mostly multilingual and divided into forms, contracts and letters.

HR departments usually provide the employees of their company with several options for contacting them: Paper, chat, telephone or e-mail. And these channels have one thing in common: they are all expensive channels.

Goals & Results with AEM Forms Employee Self-Service
Today, employees expect to carry out simple HR processes as employee self-service (ESS). The advantage of this is that companies also prefer ESS to reduce processing times, cut costs, avoid media breaks, increase quality and increase employee satisfaction.
As part of the starter package, HR subject matter experts receive a CI-compliant forms toolkit that enables them to create all kinds of HR forms themselves.  
From the user perspective: The self-service applications are self-explanatory, work on all end devices and can be filled out and approved anywhere.


Boost your online transations to a next level

Conversion Optimization

Boost your online transations to a next level

Status Quo / Challenges
"People buy experiences, not products". And an experience is more than just a product or service. It is the collection of all experiences that a customer makes with a product and a brand.

Goals & results of conversion optimization with AEM Forms

The motto for form processes is always to design processes " geniously simple" instead of " complicated and complex". In order to optimize the customer experience, every requirement should be designed from a customer perspective and as simple as possible. Intuitive user guidance, pre-filling of forms, display of only relevant content and one-click actions are key to success. Whether it's a test drive application with an automobile manufacturer or an application to close gaps in coverage with an insurer: mobile traffic is constantly increasing, which is why all application processes should be viewed primarily from the perspective of a mobile user.

What works mobile - will also work on a desktop PC.


A single Output-Formal for all channels: Web, Mail, App, Print

Customer Communication

A single Output-Formal for all channels: Web, Mail, App, Print

Status Quo / Challenges
Most companies use different solutions for online (app, web, portal, e-mail) and offline communication (PDF, print).

The result: inconsistent messages.  

Goals & results with Interactive Communications
Adobe offers a cross-channel solution for online, offline, PDF, and print : Interactive Communications. With this solution, business users work in a single user interface to create, preview, and publish mobile and responsive communications as well as PDF/print versions of them. This allows companies to communicate with customers quickly and easily through the channel preferred by the customer.

As part of the starter package, existing correspondence is analyzed, broken down into text modules, summarized in AEM Forms as so-called fragments and the first letters are implemented as interactive communications. Simple integrations, for example in CRM systems, are implemented to enrich letters with data from third-party systems.


Label Print

Cloud Prining, Label Print, Batch Print

Output Label Print

Cloud Prining, Label Print, Batch Print

Status Quo / Challenges
Many companies use different solutions for generating their document output. One tool for creating document templates, one solution for merging data and document template and possibly a third solution for converting document output into different formats such as PDF/A.

Goals & Results with AEM Forms Output
Who better to produce output than the inventor of PostScript and PDF?

Adobe offers everything from a single source - and much more. Document templates are created with the AEM Forms Designer, data is merged with the template via the Output Service and the integrated PDF Generator can convert documents into any format. Whether mass output, label printing or cloud printing, AEM Forms Output is high-performance and the ideal output solution.


Protecting Documents with Digital Rights Management

Document Security

Protecting Documents with Digital Rights Management

Status Quo / Challenges
Many companies are only concerned with the protection of sensitive data and documents once the damage has already occurred.

Goals & results with AEM Forms Document Security
With Document Security, PDF and Microsoft Office documents can be encrypted and provided with dynamic rights. These rights protect the confidentiality of the document and control their distribution and use. All actions on the recipient's side can be seamlessly traced so that the use of confidential information can be closely monitored. Important information is protected and interactions with data are only carried out on the basis of precisely defined authorizations.

As part of the starter package, the AEM Forms Digital Rights Management Server is set up, connected to directory services and rights management policies are created. These determine who (person X may, role Y may), how long (unlimited use, 60 days, until 31.12.), what (read, edit, print, etc.) can be done with a document within the scope of their rights.

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Our approach

Analysis & Solution Design
Analysis & Solution Design

At the beginning of the project, workshops are held with the business department, IT and marketing. In these workshops the problems from the customer's point of view are discussed. A conceptual framework is defined, which defines the solution space. All requirements for a solution are described from the customer's perspective. Ideas for solving the problem are then collected, evaluated and prioritized. We commit ourselves to one idea and do not combine all ideas into one big idea. The goal of the project is the implementation of an MVP that in itself already offers a customer benefit.

Layout & Design
Layout & Design

Based on the existing corporate design (CD), designs for the new forms/documents are created. If there is already a CD for forms and documents, missing designs will be added if necessary. The effort of these activities is very variable. It can vary from zero effort (using the standard Adobe designs) to extensive and complex requirements.


Form components, form templates and the described customer use cases are implemented within a streamlined implementation project. The project scope should not have any major dependencies. Following the MVP approach, the focus is on the implementation of less complex requirements and "quick wins". Optional Adobe Sign or Adobe Analytics integrations, approval processes and simple interface connections can be implemented.


In the course of the project, there is regular coordination up to the final MVP (Minimum Viable Product). It is extremely important to obtain and maintain regular feedback. The developed solution should be tangible for the customer at an early stage so that qualitative customer feedback can be obtained just as early. Customer questions are always a good indicator that a customer puts himself in the customer's position and whether the solution is sufficiently intuitive to use. This provides valuable feedback on the usability of the solution, which must be taken into account in the further course of the project.


Once all customer requirements for the MVP have been implemented, we can go live. Based on the MVP, further product ideas can be developed, the future roadmap can be defined, further developments can be made and new decisions can be made.

Scope of the Fast Start Solution

Scope of the Fast Start Solution


  • Team:
    • 1 – 3 AEM Developers (FTEs), 1 Product Owner/Project Manager (50%)
  • Implementation period of the starter package:
    • 1 – 3 months. The project is divided into:
    • Project set-up and workshops (one week)
    • Development (2 – 8 weeks)
    • Hand-over, review and knowledge transfer (½ week)
  • Goal:
    • After 1 - 3 months the customer receives a productively usable solution with a defined scope