Agile Onboarding Workshop

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Since 2022, we have had the agileggsperts onboarding workshop, which was brought to life by Diana Baumann, Matthias Lautenbacher and myself.

A shallow but essential introduction to the world of agile collaboration with all its own terminology and prerequisites that make up the daily work routine at eggs.

Agile Onboarding Session

Agile work is a method of project management that aims to be able to react quickly and flexibly to changes. In contrast to traditional methods, such as the waterfall model, where phases such as planning, development and testing are strictly separated from each other, the agile method involves working in short iterations called sprints.

An important part of agile work is team collaboration. Decisions are made together and every employee has the opportunity to contribute and take responsibility. Through regular meetings, such as the Daily Scrum, the team stays on the same level and can react quickly to problems.

Workshop Inhalte

1. Getting to know each other better on a human level

A get-to-know-you round loosens the mood and provides a platform to get to know each other better. The method is chosen in such a way that even long-standing colleagues get to know each other again and again from a different angle. In this way, we also strengthen the feeling of togetherness and the integration of the newcomers into our eggs family.

Workshop Inhalte

2. Working on the basis of self-management and personal responsibility

For this purpose, we reflect on previous experiences in our professional life as well as concretely at eggs. With the case studies we have collected, we can build on the special features of the eggs culture. At eggs, there are several special features, such as working without hierarchies or the many opportunities for creativity. For many, this is a welcome gift, for others it is a great challenge to overcome. After a pizza break, it's clear the ring for round three.

Workshop Inhalte

3. Develop a common understanding of agility

Here we first go into a basic understanding of agility and the classification of the different frameworks. This is one of the most important prerequisites for working with agile frameworks. We then talk about Scrum in detail, as this framework is used in almost every development team at eggs. We go into the different events and ensure a consistent, correct vocabulary.


Next, we clarify the different responsibilities or roles. After our workshop, everyone in the team knows what a Product Owner, Developer and Scrum Master are responsible for and how they work together effectively.


At the end of the workshop, we ask all participants for feedback and are open to suggestions and proposals. Of course, we also have an ear for suggestions for improvement, because constructive criticism is a valuable tool that we know how to use.


The workshop has taken place three times (quarterly) in the past year. Experience so far has shown that such a workshop - especially at the beginning of onboarding - is well received and creates a great basis.