Adobe CQ5 - AEM6.x Workshop

CQ5 / AEM6.x Workshop

Further information

Training Procedure

We offer Customer individual workshops for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM6.0, AEM6.1, AEM6.2) / CQ in the following sections:


Enterprise, e.g.

  • AEM/CQ infrastructure
  • Increase of performance
  • Warranty of a long-range steady enterprise
  • System-integration into an existing system-landscape
  • Use of AEM/CQ through external systems
  • Data migration


Development, e.g.

  • Creation of templates and custom components
  • Modularisation of components
  • Creation of templates
  • Improvement of code quality
  • Development of maintainable customizations
  • Refactoring of "technical debts"
  • Fragmentation of assets
  • CQ / AEM Testing


Organisation, e.g.

  • Creation of the ideal development architecture
  • Reduction of release cycles
  • Opimisation of development processes


Other Business, e.g.

  • Analytics & test target (integration, config/Creation KPs)
  • Adobe Tag Manager
  • SEO Analysis + Optimisation


The content is arranged with customer in advance. 



There are no sessions planned. Please contact us.


Course Length an Price

Between 1 and 5 days. Price on request.

The workshop can take place in our Adobe Training center in Munich or at the customers place.



Usually the course laguage is german - in english by request.