eggs wins "Best Omnichannel Solution - Experience for Commerce" Award

The "Ampleggs World" solution developed by eggs unimedia convinces the top-class Adobe jury

"Ampleggs World" wins the "Best Omnichannel Solution - Experience for Commerce" category in Adobe's "Go for Gold" program.

The digital customer experience is increasingly becoming the focus of all companies. Regardless of whether B2B, B2C, financial services, automotive or retail - today, customers are primarily acquired digitally. Customers want to be delighted throughout the entire customer journey and at all touchpoints, such as the web, app, eCommerce, etc. The key to success is therefore orchestrating the customer experience. The key to success is therefore the orchestration of customer experiences and a consistent customer approach. After all, it doesn't matter to customers whether they are technically in a CMS, an eCommerce application, an app, or an optimization engine. The customer experience has to be right - and throughout the entire customer journey!


Experience platform to deliver personalized content and create a seamless customer experience

Adobe launched a global "Go for Gold" competition and invited international Adobe partners to participate. The goal was to develop standardizable and packageable solutions that provide customers with a great and seamless experience wherever they are in their customer journey. Our colleagues at eggs didn't take long to accept the challenge either.


The Go For Gold program set a goal for all contest participants to develop an omnichannel content and commerce solution based on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Adobe Commerce (Magento) with an Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics integration. The challenge consisted of two parts: The first step was to build a "Digital Foundation Blueprint" based on Adobe Experience Manager, Commerce, Target and Analytics. In the second step, the platform was to be adapted to the individual use case and the respective customer needs.

eggs unimedia decided on a fictitious use case from the travel & hospitality industry and created a demo site for a made-up amusement park, "Ampleggs World". The vision of the park grew as the project progressed. However, the main goal from the beginning was to provide park visitors with a great experience with smooth processes before, during and after their visit. 

interaktive Karte

Adobe Experience Cloud solutions were the constant companions for a great customer experience: from web research, to booking, to trip execution, to the customer engagement phase. Experience Planner, Experience Optimizer, personalized offers, seamless shopping experiences, and the use of real-time data made the entire park visit a perfect experience.

   Experience Optimizer

The solution presented by eggs won the "Best Omnichannel Solution Experience for Commerce" award in the global Adobe "Go For Gold" competition 2021. This end-to-end solution is "cloud-native" and based on Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target and Analytics. Adobe Commerce (Magento) is integrated into the platform to provide a seamless shopping experience. The solution is tailored to Travel & Hospitality (event, travel, hotels, etc.), but can be adapted for any industry that wants to make its customers feel like a VIP.