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Adobe LiveCycle

Adobe LiveCycle

Adobe LiveCycle was the leading platform for form and document-based workflows based on the PDF standard between 2002 and 2015.


Adobe PDFs were and still are the de facto standard for PDF documents and the Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite offers all conceivable "document services" around PDF:


Form creation with LiveCycle Designer, document protection (DRM), forms management, forms processes, output, digital signatures, correspondence creation. Due to the growing use of mobile devices, the LiveCycle platform had to be extended to include additional formats. As a result, Adobe LiveCycle was integrated and enhanced into Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) web content management system. Under the name AEM Forms, the platform now additionally offers HTML formats (Adaptive Forms) and a form portal, and also includes the complete range of services of all LiveCycle individual modules. Adobe LiveCycle is no longer actively distributed and existing LiveCycle customers are encouraged to migrate to the AEM Forms licensing model. Please feel free to contact us regarding a migration offer.

Adobe LiveCycle

Forms simplifies the creation, management, and delivery of user-friendly form templates, improving both company efficiency and user experience.

Forms Portal is the ideal platform for publishing, updating and managing a large number of forms easily, centrally, and in a standardized way.

Reader Extensions provides advanced features for editing documents and forms.

Data Services provide powerful capabilities for the development of RIA-based data management and messaging solutions. It acts as a communication centre for the connection of internal and external users with the required data sources in order to provide data in real time and to process multimedia data.

Process management enables the automation of important business and administrative processes, as well as, their transparent design. The module integrates users, systems, content, and process rules into optimised and streamlined workflows that can be accessed online or offline through an intuitive user interface.

Digital Signatures enables the conversion of paper-based workflows to automated online processes through the use of digital signatures in a server environment.

Rights Management provides the ability to encrypt files and provide them with consistently dynamic rights that preserve the confidentiality of content and control their availability and use.

Output simplifies the creation, administration and provision of document templates, such as letters, confirmations and shipping labels.

PDF Generator automates the creation, assembly, distribution and archiving of Adobe PDF documents and allows the conversion of Adobe PDF files into many different other formats.

Production Print is used for the development and processing of documents and their generation in different print formats.

Correspondence Management makes it easy to create personalized and interactive correspondence using an intuitive user interface.


- Core Support until 31.03.2018

- Extended support until 31.03.2020

- Service Packs and Platform Updates

- No significant innovations

- Customers encouraged to migrate to AEM Forms

- New in 6.5: Migration from LiveCycle ES4 SP1 to AEM Forms 6.5 without intermediate steps