Adobe CXM Space in Munich

Experience the customer experience of tomorrow on 6 and 7 November 2019


Review of the Adobe CXM Space from 06. and 07. November 2019 at Kesselhaus Munich

Munich, November 14th, 2019: Adobe is committed to delivering new experiences to our customers and prospects. That's why Adobe has developed the original event format "Adobe Symposium" into the "CXM Space" and placed the customer experience (CX) even more in the event focus. After its first two stops in London and Paris, this Europe-wide event format made a stop in Munich on November 6 and 7. The aim: to inspire customers and actively involve them in the event. The event was divided according to sectors. Depending on the focus of interest, the participants had their personalized, half-day program on one of the two days.

Products and services are often comparable. In the future, customer experience management will distinguish outstanding companies from "only" successful companies. Customer Experience Management is about creating positive customer experiences, across all touchpoints, to build emotional bonds between customers and the company and to achieve the ultimate goal: the acquisition of enthusiastic brand ambassadors, true to the motto: "People buy experience, not products".

Making the customer experience tangible

Adobe made the customer experience at the CXM Space liveable with an interactive live demo. Actors took participants on a half-hour fictional vacation trip. At different points of contact, such as a vacation research, travel agency, clothing store, or hotel, participants experienced how Adobe technology helps create great experiences..

In addition, Adobe customers and Adobe experts presented their experiences and projects on two stages and demonstrated how Adobe technologies help them create great experiences. In this context, the Adobe Business Partner eggs unimedia and HUK-COBURG also gave the participants an insight into their long-standing and successful cooperation. Christian Deinlein from HUK-COBURG and Martin Brösamle from eggs unimedia also took the participants on a journey. However, not on a fictitious holiday trip to Thailand, but on a journey through time to March 2015, because at that time the two had already stood on an Adobe stage in the Carl-Orff-Saal at the Gasteig Munich as part of the Adobe Digital Marketing Days.

HUK-COBURG and Adobe - a digital success story

In their presentation at the time, they reported on four joint projects in the areas of "Responsive Web Design", "cross-device application lines", "Blogs" and "Time-to-Market Times". If you take a look at this year's agenda of the CXM Space, these terms no longer appear. However, if you take the terms of that time a little broader and replace the four areas mentioned with "Customer Experience", "Mobile First", "Reach" and "Content Velocity", you have already arrived back in modern times. In this year's presentation the two of them spanned the bridge from the projects of 2015 to the current projects in 2019 and gave the audience insights into joint projects, the online strategy of HUK and some results of the online activities.

The main focus of HUK-COBURG is on the continuous improvement of the customer experience. In doing so, it always looks at every requirement from the perspective of a customer and always keeps the technical implementation "ingeniously simple" instead of "cumbersome and complex". Easy-to-use one-click actions are the key to success. In addition, the mobile traffic on HUK's websites is constantly growing, which is why all application routes should be viewed primarily from the perspective of a mobile user. "Because what works mobile will also work on a desktop PC," says Christian Deinlein from HUK. There are many ways to increase the reach of campaigns, products or offers. Whether "owned content", for example SEO measures for your own website, "earned reach" such as blog, article, Facebook or Instagram or "purchased reach" such as Google Adwords, banners or Facebook Ads - there is not THE channel. It's the mix that makes the difference. Content Velocity is another key to success. Behind it all are measures to deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right person - quickly and scalable.

These four areas are central to HUK-COBURG and should be the focus of every digital strategy. In addition, successful companies should look to the left and right of their core business to create additional value. HUK-COBURG, Germany's largest motor vehicle insurer, has also become more experimental in recent years. For example, HUK has founded HUK-COBURG Autoservice and offers customers high-quality services through partner workshops. Such measures help to increase the number of points of contact with a customer and create positive experiences. Linking a classic insurance business model with new business models and combining the offline and online worlds is not trivial, but HUK-COBURG has succeeded in doing so. A very high level of customer satisfaction at HUK-COBURG Autoservice of over 95% or 4.52 out of 5 stars underlines the success of this strategy.

CXM Space- after the game is before the game

Adobe is planning a reissue of the CXM Space in 2020 and eggs unimedia will be back. Join us next year and be inspired by the professionals. Adobe is committed to helping our customers achieve higher conversion rates, increased customer loyalty, and more loyal customers who keep coming back for new purchases.


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