Review of the Adobe Customer Experience Day

Review of the Adobe Customer Experience Day on October 28, 2020

The Adobe Customer Experience Day on October 28, 2020, focused on the customer experience. How do companies improve the customer journey of their customers? How do they optimize the points of contact with their customers? How do companies get the most out of Adobe technologies?

With a diversified agenda and the right mix of strategy, practical examples, inspiration and above all technology, many experts had their say. The day began with Dietmar Dahmen, one of the most sought-after speakers and consultants for change, innovation and disruptive market strategies on the topic - how could it be otherwise - Corona. With his lecture he encouraged the participants to try out innovations right now. Stefan Mehner from Adobe presented the possibilities of the Adobe Experience Cloud. Christian Deinlein from HUK-COBURG gave insights into HUK's digital strategy and the use of Adobe technologies.


The event focused on the Adobe Experience Cloud - the central platform for managing and delivering content, delivering and executing campaigns and monitoring success. Other topics of the day were Cloud vs. onPremise, artificial intelligence, content management strategies and marketing automation.


Originally, the event should have taken place in June - live in Oberanger. For well-known reasons, the event was not only postponed to the fall, but also converted to a completely digital format.


"It was our chosen goal to bring an event atmosphere home to the participants and to stand out from ordinary webinars. We believe that we succeeded in doing so, as the many positive feedbacks have confirmed this", Martin Brösamle sums up the event. The participants were very satisfied with the event and the digital format and gave the organizers of eggs unimedia very positive feedback.


In spite of everything, the personal contact and direct exchange with the participants was naturally missing. The talks during the breaks, the cold drink after the event, the meeting with old acquaintances, the exchange between the participants, the delicious food, the unique ambience of the Oberanger Theater, of course a digital event cannot offer all this. Therefore, a lot of film material was created, which eggs unimedia is now partly making available to the public.


We are looking forward to the new edition of the event next year and hope for 2021.

Our speakers 2020

Dietmar Dahmen, Visionär

Dietmar Dahmen began his career as a strategic planner and worked in marketing for more than 20 years in Hamburg, Los Angeles, Munich, New York and Vienna. Dietmar Dahmen is an expert for future, transformation and disruptive marketing at the European Association of Communication Agencies and founder of BAMM! Institute for Transformation. His book "TRANSFORMATION. BAMM!" is available from Murmann Verlag Hamburg. Dietmar is known far beyond the borders of Germany for his combination of TECH and SHOW, of KNOWLEDGE and FEELING, of INFORMATION and EXPERIENCE!

Christian Deinlein, HUK-COBURG

Christian Deinlein has been working at HUK-COBURG since completing his studies in Business Information Technology at the University of Bamberg. Since 2006, Christian Deinlein has headed the Internet Systems group, which is responsible for the development of web applications, the connection of sales partners and comparison platforms as well as app development at HUK-COBURG.

Stefan Mehner, Adobe

Stefan Mehner is an online marketing enthusiast. He works at Adobe as a Partner Solutions Consultant and has more than 15 years of experience in the field of content management and e-commerce. In his role at Adobe, the graduate computer scientist supports companies and partners in getting the most out of the Adobe Experience Cloud.

Jan-Erik Timme, eggs unimedia

Jan-Erik Timme is Managing Consultant at eggs unimedia and has been working in the AEM division of eggs unimedia since 2015. Jan-Erik Timme is technically responsible for the support and implementation of various customer projects based on Adobe Experience Manager. Prior to 2015 Jan-Erik Timme worked for a medium-sized IT service provider in the financial services industry where he was responsible for the development of a web-based brokerage portal. There he also completed his training as an IT specialist in the field of application development.

Christoph Behounek, eggs unimedia

Christoph Behounek is Managing Consultant at eggs unimedia and in his role oversees the implementation of large digital projects. These include projects in the automotive, FSI, energy and public sector. The graduate computer scientist has been working for eggs unimedia for 6 years.

Michael Deiß, eggs unimedia

Michael Deiß has been accompanying leading large companies on their way to digitalisation for 20 years. In 2005 Michael founded eggs unimedia GmbH and has been managing partner since then. He studied mathematics and physics at the LMU Munich.

Joel Köbner, eggs unimedia

Joel Köbner is Adobe Certified Expert for AEM and has been Tech Lead in the BMW .Digital project since 2017. In this project, he and his team deal with, among other things, the maintenance of the inventory code and performance optimisation measures in front-end and back-end. The focus here is on improving caching, content structure and asset loading strategies and continuously evaluating the effect of these measures by monitoring performance KPIs, as well as adapting the front-end architecture to enable modernisations in the technology stack. Joel Köbner holds a master's degree in computer science from the University of Passau.

Martin Brösamle, eggs unimedia

Martin Brösamle has been head of sales and marketing at eggs unimedia GmbH in Munich since 2010. Prior to this Martin Brösamle worked for nine years in international sales at leading large companies and knows the digital requirements of successful companies. Martin Brösamle studied business administration with a focus on marketing at the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences and Universidad de Alicante.


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