Adobe awards eggs unimedia

The form solution "AEM Forms Starter Paket" from eggs unimedia becomes an Adobe accredited partner solution.

Web development is project business and no two projects are alike. Such, or similar statements have often been heard in software development in the past decades. But is such a statement still used today?

As so often in IT, the answer is: It depends.

Digital agencies usually have their standardised approach to implementing their projects and years of experience in implementing similar projects.

But can well perceived solutions be standardized and multiplied "so easily" so that they fit many companies and different requirements? Taking into account individual CI specifications and project requirements of a company?

This is because companies want to differentiate themselves on the digital channels and showcase their own distinctive USPs. Also from the perspective of an end customer, the digital channels of his beloved brand should have their own special and individual touch.

The key to success is therefore a paradox: a standardized and thus scalable and individual solution based on a platform.

To resolve this contradiction, Adobe has created the Adobe Amplify Partner Solution Program. The program is designed to evaluate and validate industry- or application-specific solutions based on Adobe technologies. Accredited solutions receive an Adobe badge. The benefits from a customer perspective are obvious:

  • Reduced project risk when implementing the Adobe solution
  • shorter implementation time
  • faster time-to-value.

This program is aimed exclusively at renowned Adobe Solution Partners who wish to have their solutions officially certified by Adobe.

The AEM Forms Starter Paket becomes an Adobe accredited partner solution

Forms are located at the most important point of contact for every company: at the point of contact with the customer. Customers are often only a mouse click away - and yet they do not convert via the form. Or they have been waiting for days for written feedback from the company - and it doesn't come. Or it comes too late.

eggs unimedia has been dealing with the form and document platform of Adobe - Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms - for over 15 years. AEM Forms includes a set of solutions for end device optimized forms, form management in the form portal, workflows, document protection, digital signatures and generation of document output.

Based on AEM Forms, eggs unimedia developed the AEM Forms Starter Package and offers standardized and Adobe-accredited solutions in the following application areas:

  • Digitisation of application lines in the financial services industry
  • Support of service technicians in customer service - field service app for service reports, documentation and activity reports
  • Employee self-service for the digitalization of HR processes in the areas of employee onboarding or applications of all kinds
  • Integration of digital signatures in form processes for more legal security
  • Conversion optimization in form processes through intuitive user guidance, pre-filling of forms with data and "one-click" transactions
  • Customer Communications for cross-channel customer communication for online, offline, PDF and print
  • Cloud printing, label printing, mass printing - who better to produce output than the inventor of PostScript and PDF?
  • Document protection - encrypting and providing PDF and Microsoft Office documents with dynamic rights

The starter package of eggs unimedia can best be described with the implementation of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Within the framework of a manageable project (usually lasting between four and 12 weeks), customers receive a deployable solution based on AEM Forms, which offers a solution to the problem and added value for the customer. The starter package therefore covers the scope of an initial project, serves as a basis for decisions on further expansion stages, supports the development of experience with the solution and is the linchpin for further developments and ideas relating to AEM Forms.

You can find further information on the Starter package hier.

AEM Forms customers of eggs unimedia come from a wide range of industries, including banking, insurance, public sector, pharmaceuticals, industry and telecommunications.