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A scalable and well-positioned digital asset management system is crucial for the success of a company. Why? Today, content must be created, personalized and delivered much faster than ever before.

Adobe Experinece Manager (AEM) Assets is the perfect platform for this.

Digital Asset Management

Author interface for integrating Asstes into a website via the Assets Sidebar

Companies today need more assets than ever before for a successful and personalized marketing. All display sizes must be supported and all transmission speeds (from UMTS/3G in the train up to 5G) must be taken into account.

The digital asset management of any company is therefore at the crucial interface between

  •  the creation and upload of assets by creative people (in-house marketing or external agencies)
  • Administration of Asstes within the organization
  • and the delivery of the assets to the respective channels (web, mobile, print, e-mail)

With AEM Assets, Adobe offers companies the ideal solution for centrally managing assets and delivering them across multiple channels.


The core functionality of AEM Assets at a glance

Asset Management


The global and central repository for the management, provisioning, governance and delivery of digital media (images, videos, PDFs, text fragments, rich media, etc.) across all organizational units, teams, projects and customer channels. 

The intuitive user interface makes it easy to work with assets on desktop PCs or with touch devices.

Dynamic Media


With Dynamic Media, you can scale, personalize, and deliver your assets like images or videos. At top speed. Depending on screen size, internet connection and situation. An optional cloud service with multiple benefits:

Videos are automatically optimally scaled according to available bandwidth and screen size, images can be zoomed in, personalized content can be embedded in images or videos. Companies only have to centrally store their assets once in a high-resolution quality, and Dynamic Media takes care of the rest.

AEM Assets and Creative Cloud Integration


AEM Assets integrates seamlessly with Adobe Creative Cloud solutions (Photoshop, InDesign, etc.). This enables optimized (collaborative) work on assets in all phases of an asset lifecycle:

  • Initial creation
  • Revision and coordination between agency and company
  • Versioning and Asset Compliance

Cooperation between companies (marketing) and agencies (creative) via FTP or e-mail is a thing of the past.


Open and modern cloud architecture


AEM Assets is a modern and scalable platform with an open API. It allows you to integrate assets with third-party applications.

Adobe also offers Adobe Sensei, an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) engine. Adobe Sensei provides Adobe solutions with a variety of AI services, many of them in the area of asset management. These include, for example, services to detect hidden assets with auto tagging, to automatically recognize and tag images with keyworks during upload or to gain unique insights into the use of your assets thanks to insights and analytics.


With AEM Assets all assets of a company can be managed and delivered with the corresponding rights and permissions. AEM Assets is deeply integrated with the Creative Cloud. Companies can use AEM Asstes as a stand-alone product or fully integrated with AEM Sites or other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.

How analysts rate Adobe Experience Manager assets

Forrester Digital Wave für Digital Asset Managemet (23. Mai 2018)

Forrester Digital Wave for Digital Asset Managemet (23. Mai 2018)

Among the three leaders, Adobe is best positioned in terms of current Digital Asset Management capabilities.

AEM Assets received top marks in these areas, among others:

  • Video and emerging content support
  • Product strategy and vision    
  • Performance
  • Market approach
  • Partner ecosystem

Our services for your successful asset management


Whether initial set-up of the system, migration of your assets into the AEM Digital Asset Management, integration with the Creative Cloud, DAM Governance or Metadata Management. Whether workflow design (approval and publication of assets, upload processes, asset renditions, asset sharing) or integration of external systems such as PIM, translation tools or print. With us you are in good hands.


Rely on our many years of experience as Adobe Business Partner and AEM Specialized Partner for the implementation of your web projects. We support you in the conception of your Digital Asset Management - whether it is a new introduction, replacement of an existing system or migration to a current version.

AEM Workshops
Further development & support

Before the game is after the game. Surely you can pat yourself on the back for some time after a successful go-live, but the backlog is often already filled with new ideas.

Development & support
License consulting

We advise on licensing issues, offer our customers 1st level support for AEM as part of Adobe Platinum Support and are your direct contact for all questions regarding the AEM platform.

License consulting

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