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B2B Marketing

Optimized website with AEM6

Thanks to the increased efficiency in the administration of web content achieved with AEM, Interflex's online marketing department can now focus more on strategic topics such as the permanent optimization of the visitor journey, KPI tracking, SEM, etc.


Interflex is part of the Allegion Group and has two strategic product lines:

  • security solutions
  • workforce management


100 of the top 500 companies in Europe use Interflex solutions. 150,000 installed terminals and 4.5 million users per day speak for themselves.

In the B2B environment, there are different requirements for online marketing, but the same laws apply. Content must be relevant, personalized, appealing and well structured. This is the only way to generate leads via the web presence and to strengthen the RoPo (Research Online - Purchase offline) effect in sales.


During the different phases of the B2B research and purchase process, there are many different points of contact between customers and suppliers. In addition, there are several levels involved in the B2B environment (users, influencers, decision makers, buyers), which have different requirements for the web presence.

With the new website, an exciting digital brand experience was to be created for customers and interested parties by providing target group-oriented, relevant content.


In the analysis phase, the current online presence was analyzed in terms of visitor journeys, keywords and traffic. In addition, it was shown which information visitors need on the website at the respective time of the decision process. On this basis, a prioritized catalog of requirements for the new website was created.


Subsequently, the graphic redesign was carried out, wireframes for all page templates and components were created and functionally described. We followed the "Content First" strategy in the creation of the design. In this strategy, content is prepared in a modular design to suit the target group, so that it is optimally displayed across all devices and page widths.

During implementation, particular attention was paid to the reusability of the components. The project was implemented with a combination of fluid and responsive web design


  • Creation of an online marketing platform that can be maintained independently by the departments
  • Increased efficiency in the management of Web content 
  • Optimization of the Visitor Journey, KPI-Tracking, SEM
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